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Ivan Beldi
Executive Advising &
Management Training


Ivan Beldi
Highly integrative person, used to work in very diverse and challenging environment. Leading to results that are often different and better than mainstream. Results supported by the key decision makers of an organization, as well as by the broader management team.
Vast experience across any industry accumulated in round 20 years of management consulting and management development practice. Former Partner with management duties during 15 years in a management consulting boutique with round 300 employees.
From 2008-2014 General Manager of management consulting & training company in Shanghai (China) with the responsibility for setting up the local operations and penetrating the Chinese market.

Network of Experts
We cooperate in an international network of experienced and competent management consultants and trainers with broad managerial and cultural experience. They can be integrated depending on the scope of the program and wishes of the client. All have been carefully selected to ensure consistency in our performance for our clients.