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Ivan Beldi
Executive Advising &
Management Training


Extract from over 100 projects

1. Global integrated logistics player; main counterpart: CEO, Board and Division Heads - client accompanied over 4 years.
Topics: Business strategy; market development; cost management / operational excellence; organizational improvement and management development.

 Industrial machinery; main counterpart: CEO and Owner - client accompanied over 5 years.
Topics: Business strategy; market development and market entry planning; personal selection and evaluation; leadership skills; negotiation with unions.

3. White goods; main counterpart: Business Unit Manager - client accompanied over 4 years.
Topics: Cost reduction / operational excellence; complexity management; product development process; global competence centre system design; change management and leadership impact.

4. Industrial products; main counterpart: CEO - client accompanied over 3 years.
Topics: Sales strategy; sales controlling; customer value management; organization.

 Service industry; main counterpart: CFO - client accompanied over 6 years.
Topics: Strategy development; customer value management; process & structure improvement; sales management system design; career planning
Extract from round 500 management development programs

1. Solution Camp for Top Management: Combination of several 1-day sessions addressing the specific needs of each individual participant. The sessions combining state of the art management knowledge; reflection on the own management challenges; experience exchange among peers and applying the learnt on the own situation to gain immediate value. Topics encompassing: Complexity Management; Business Strategy; Organization; Corporate Culture; Process Orientation; Productivity Management; Managerial Effectiveness.

2. Managerial Effectiveness for Middle & Senior Managers: Program focused on leadership and managing people. Four 2-days sessions covering: Leadership and Principles of Effectiveness (2 days); Selected Management Tasks I - Providing Objectives; Monitoring & Supervision; Developing People (2 days); Selected Management Tasks II - Decision Making; Organizing; Delegating; Performance Appraisal (2 days); Personal Effectiveness - Dealing with Boss and Colleagues; Activity Management; Handling Time Traps; Meeting Management (2 days)

3. Management Camp for Middle & Senior Managers: Comprehensive management development program specifically designed for the needs of the client. The program duration is round 1 year and is distributed over six 2-days sessions. Between the class sessions the participants work on specific assignments to implement and experience the learnt. Content: Managing a Business (4 days); Managing People (4 days); Finance & Cost Management (3 days) Action Review (1 day).

4. Business Acumen for Junior Manager & Specialists: Program designed to let employees understand the logic of a business and their contribution to the success of a company. Program distributed over four 2-days sessions, for a duration of round half year. Content: Strategic Management & Customer Orientation (2 days); Market Forces & Positioning (2 days); Operational Excellence - Simulation (2 days); Business Planning & Productivity (2 days).