Client centred

Tailored approaches, addressing the specific challenges of the client

Delivery methods designed to achieve highest impact

Optimum use of client’s resources, i.e. time of client’s managers and experts

Integration of all relevant stakeholders

Ensure fast and effective implementation by involving a critical mass of key people

Harness the knowledge of the whole organisation for outstanding results

Gain acceptance and support throughout the entire company 

State of the art concept and knowledge

More than 20 years of management consulting experience

Proven concepts, based on holistic approaches

A network of experts in all areas of business, offering integrated solutions


Tailored approaches for highest impact

Management Consulting Solutions

Business strategy
Organisation & processes
Productivity & cost management
Corporate culture
Innovation and start-ups


Management Excellerators

In 3 days the best solutions for the biggest challenge in your businessInvolving up to 40 key stakeholders across the company and hierarchies Ensuring buy-in and power in implementation

Management Trainings

Corporate programs designed to address the need of the client and its participants
From stand-alone topics to comprehensive management programs
Highly effective methods activating the participants and ensuring transfer into business practices

New horizons!


Over 100 companies and 10’000 highly satisfied managers

Vast experience across industries

Over 100 clients supported across all kind of industries around the globe

Benchmarking and knowhow transfer

Constant overachieving of the projects high set targets

Outstanding customer satisfaction

Over 10’000 managers advised and trained on a global scale

Outstanding track record of satisfied customers and managers involved in the programs

Network of high performers

Cooperating with a network of carefully selected partners

More than 1000 years of cumulated management and consulting experience

The right person for the job, at finger tips


Ivan Beldi

Highly experienced
management expert, trainer and consultant

Integrative and result oriented

Highly integrative person, used to work in very different and challenging environment. Leading to results, often different and better than mainstream. Outcome supported by the key decision makers of an organisation

Highly experienced and open minded

Vast experience across industries, gained in 25 years of management consulting and management training practice. Operating in over 30 countries in the course of the carreer

Hands-on and first hand experience

Member of the Management Board during 20 years in management consulting boutiques with up to 400 employees. During 6 years General Manager of start-up company in China (Shanghai), setting up the local operations and penetrating the Chinese market


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